What We Do

Life Factor Research utilizes two exclusive attributes in all product formulations which, when combined with our exclusive active ingredients, result in products only found through our team.

Synergistic Formulation

Life Factor Research recognizes that our body is an orchestration of complex functions needing consistent maintenance supplies to remain healthy. Throughout our anatomy, biochemistry, physiology, DNA instructions, all integrated organ systems require raw nutrients in the best and purest bioavailable forms to function optimally.

Synergistic Formulation is made up of two complimentary attributes:

  1. Life Factor considers in total the eleven systems in the body and each of their organs as a holistic target for nutraceutical formulations and their health benefits.  It is imperative to understand which systems must be considered to achieve a result and the percentage of effect each system will have in the overall outcome of effectiveness. 
  1. Next is the in-depth understanding that many compounds will produce an exponentially better result when combined with the correct complimenting ingredients. There is no replacement for experience and scientific knowledge in this part of the formulation process which explains the proprietary nature of our business model.

Absorption Technologies

You are what you absorb, not just what you eat:

Life Factor Research applies the same forms of bioavailability and absorption technology to our nutraceutical products that the pharmaceutical industry has tested, approved and utilized for the past 30 years to achieve guaranteed potency and dosage levels.

This is essential since individuals taking any form of nutraceutical or prescription must be confident of ingesting and absorbing precise amounts for their health. The pharmaceutical industry utilizes these strict standards since serious health conditions cannot risk any variance in dosage being delivered to the bloodstream. Imagine if a patient taking blood pressure medicine, or a diabetic drug could not depend on accurate dosage levels.

A significant change in blood pressure or blood glucose levels could be lethal. All Life Factor Research formulations and products are prepared with the correct absorption technology of which we have three to choose from. It is critically important to understand that absorption is not a “one size fits all” solution and that to obtain optimum results you need options.

Our Products

Testosterone Support

Testosterone is one of the strongest signaling molecules in the male body.  Beginning between age 25-30, most men’s testosterone levels begin to decline starting at…
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Type II Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome

Organ Systems Involved There is probably no health malady that requires a more comprehensive Systematic Formulation approach than diabetes and its destructive offspring relative…  “metabolic…
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Nootropics & Cognitive Health

Nootropics & Cognitive Health

Supplying fuel for the gut-brain axis as microbiome nutrients as well as direct specific precursor nutrients for neurotransmitter production. Essential co-factor vitamins in their active…
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Gluten Sensitivity Issues

Gluten Sensitivity Issues

For those that are compelled to live in a Gluten free world it is not only inconvenient but costly and lifestyle limiting as well. Life…
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Most of us experience the physical and emotional feelings as a result of daily stressful events. The consequences go even deeper than this. The Institute…
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